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By Rauff & Fagerberg

Teaninich 12 års 50% Cask Number 709926

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Appearance – Fine gold leaf Nose – Creamy, buttery, earthy, vanilla tones.
Palate – Toffee apple, warm pastries, vanilla ice-cream
Finish – Fudge, mixed berries, white chocolate.

This Highland malt is like a favourite dessert, a vanilla milkshake and an aftertaste of a sticky toffee pudding. He has worked in the whisky industry for years starting off in a cooperage and has called on some old pals including ex distillery managers to help him select the best whiskies to put in a bottle.

INFO: Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Cask Number 709926. Filled 16/06/2008. Limited to 355 Whisky bottles.